Visual Art Apps for Smart Phone and Tablet Computers – Workshop

Artists have a powerful new tool with which to express themselves.  That tool is the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to digital photographs.  Along with advanced computational capabilities of smart phones and tablet computers, AI software provides the artist a fascinating range of image control options.

This workshop explores AI’s technology in the form of three apps, and one website, using your device, and your photographs.  You will learn how to find the selected apps, and how you get , install and use them.

Neural networks analyze the Target image (your modified photo), and a Style Image that you select from many given   Apps calculate and display the synthesis of the two images.

The computer science of neural networks and Style Transfer are new areas of intellectual and artistic attention and inovation, and an exciting discipline to discover.   Creators of these apps are in all countries, expressing their particular interest as a well-thought-out easy-to-learn and use program. Impressive new apps are introduced frequently.

To glimpse the science behind such apps, click here.

You will be surprised and delighted, and so will your audience.