Panoramic photos work in some apps …

Encouraged by the portrait experimental trial, I decided to try a panoramic photo, in some neural network apps.  Matissa compressed the image into square format, which was never-the-less interesting.  Here is one rendition of the panoramic photo when squeezed into a square:

Pano to Square Matissa Surry Wharf Panorama

Speaking of squeezing, try pinching these images to expand, revealing details.

When this is the original after Snapseed:


Original Surry Wharf Panorama


But, let me show you some of the results of some apps that did input and run panoramic images.

Pano ArtEffect Surry Wharf Panorama



Pano Prisma Surry Wharf Panorama



Pano PicsArt Surry Wharf Panorama

Have many apps to try, so stay tuned, or subscribe.

Commodore Sanford

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