Artificial intelligence technology applied to video

AI software uses the computer to take large volumes of data and identify patterns that are useful to its users.  In data representing a single image, for example, a digital photograph, the software identifies features to change in visual characteristics of color, line, form, edges, etc.

Apps like PRISMA, have become popular for using neural networks to produce appealing distortions of a digital photo.  Several apps are now available (within the last two weeks, I found four amazing new apps.  They are so exciting, that many  app creators are inspired to make them.


One such discovery, called ARTOMATON, will load video, which is exceptional.  ARTISTO, another app, loads ten frames of video at a time.  It took over an hour to load one of my visualization of music video 1-minute video.  ARTOMATON loads the whole video, and lets you control these basic graphic functions:



In these images, the original is upper left, and the main window shows the calculated rendition, based on user-set oprions, like brushes, paper, lighting, frames and cross hatch direction and boldness.  The result is a sketch-like picture, which surprises, and sometimes delights.


Try it!




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