Our Founder (as a young commodore)

Commodore Sanford is a digital artist producing computer graphic imagery of scenes of the Coast of Maine.

The Commodore starts with a digital photograph, that is processed in a sequence of several apps, each abstracting the visual elements of color, texture, brightness, form, line etc.  Apps using neural network technology calculate novel, often delightful renderings of the original photo.  A slideshow of individual variations is the final product.

Individual calculated images are assembled into slideshows

Commodore Sanford founded US COAST CARD to present his numerous slideshows online, where they may be viewed freely, and purchased for your enjoyment on your tablet or smart phone.


What do I get when I purchase a US COAST CARD slideshow?

You receive within seconds, an attachment in an email that you may download to your computer, tablet or smart phone.  Once downloaded, you may play it whenever you wish.



Verona Narrows

Can I purchase a single slide as a print?

Selected individual slides are available here.

Please contact Commodore Sanford (contact form, below) for private commissions.


How is this art made?

Links to the computer apps used to produce these images are found on the Links page. Commodore Sanford’s blog pages tell of the techniques used.  

An online workshop is here.

Wonderful computer graphic apps are being invented and becoming available at an exciting pace.

Much of US COAST CARD’s mission involves promoting the ease and joy of self-expression that these technologies make available.


It’s fun.

It’s easy (once you learn a few things)

You can do everything on one device

Most apps are free

You can contribute to USCOASTCARD.COM …