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Apps are specialized computer programs that perform one or a few tasks (unlike desktop or laptop programs that like Microsoft Word, Excel spreadsheet, Adobe Photoshop, are capable of almost limitless number tasks).

Apps run on tablet computers and smart phones. They are readily available, very easy to obtain and install and learn (thanks to their limited functions they are relatively uncomplicated) and more importantly, because the app’s creator designed it with enthusiasm and passion to be easy to use to perform its particular task.

The apps listed here are available from Apple’s App Store, and Google’s Play Store, they are free.

Many of these apps use neural network technology to process the digital photographs. This advanced computing process calculates probabilities of a pixel or field of individual pixels changing colors, edges, surface textures, brightnesses, and many other visual characteristics. The app involves machine learning, where a particular artist’s work is defined as the target, and the result is to produce a new image that is distorted, abstracted and as if that artist had painted or rendered it. The results are often grotesque and unattractive, but sometimes surprising and pleasing.

Commodore Sanford’s, blog describes more information about these and other apps freely available, that are used to create the art of USCOASTCARD.COM.

APPS used here:




PIKAZO (lets you set the style image as well as your image)



DEEPART (lets you set the style image as well as your image) of



More coming every hour …

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Surry Wharf

Surry Wharf

Three Firsts at Common Ground Fair

Three framed prints of Commodore Sanford’s digital art, two of which were eStamps, were awarded First Prize at the Common Grounds Fair, validating the eStamp motif, and the eStamp-of-the-Day series as art.  On the back of each frame was a descriptive page as below. check out the latest eStamp.

First Results of Digitization Process

it’s exciting to get the process, which sounds simple, but is actually complicated by several factors, to a point where it almost works. The last mile is the next problem.  That is, how to get a file from the wireless drive to the iPad Photos folder, from which apps can find and open.